Every Nov. 11, our country pauses for Veterans Day to honor the men and women who’ve served in the armed forces. It’s a great tradition. A growing number of life science companies are honoring veterans every day through targeted recruiting and hiring of some of the 200,000 military personnel who transition to civilian life each year.

As biotech executives in the military-rich life science hub of San Diego, we’ve been in on the secret for many years: Veterans make excellent employees, managers, and leaders for our industry. Recruiting from this talent pool is primed to intensify nationwide as the biotech job market — one proven to bring significant rewards to veterans and life science companies alike — continues to heat up.

But the military-to-biotech transition requires some finesse. To get the most mutual benefit from the partnership, life science companies must refine their perceptions of veterans. And veterans must be open to adapting to the nuances and expectations of the life science industry.

An industry in need of talent

Before sharing some of what we’ve learned about matching veterans with meaningful jobs in the life sciences industry, let’s look at why this is such a timely issue.


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