When it Comes to Looking for Work during the Pandemic, Pay it Forward

MVPvets Mentor Advice from Victoria Tucker 

Reach out to people who have been laid off.

You’d think it would be the other way around, right? As in, calling on people who may have a job, because you need one? But, here’s the thing… when there’s a drastic rise in unemployment, everyone else is doing exactly that.

What people aren’t doing is reaching out to those in need of a job. So, do it for others as well as yourself. Send a note to those you know whose work may have been negatively impacted and suggest a call.

Then, listen and take notes: What kind of work is that person looking for? What are their skills? What’s their experience? Are they willing to relocate? Let them know that you will be on the lookout for them and will alert any potential hiring managers if there’s a fit. Then do that very thing when you engage in conversations with people in your network or via the MVPvets member directory.

Toward the end of your conversation, let those you talk with know that you are also looking for your next career. Who knows, maybe they will come across someone in their circle of contacts that may be looking for someone just like you.

This isn’t some screwy angle. This is you reaching out to others who are in need and creating valuable connections with the people you help. In other words, this is you paying it forward.


The Team at MVPvets

About Victoria Tucker:

Victoria is a behavioral scientist, writer, business owner and mentor with MVPvets.