San Diego Magazine went to Illumina’s headquarters to find out. 

“What’s it like to be the CEO of the Smartest Company in the World? We didn’t have to travel far to find out. It’s a quick trip up to the UTC-area campus of genetic sequencing giant Illumina, where outgoing CEO Jay Flatley reflected on nearly two decades of leadership that took the company from 40 employees to 4,000, from very little revenue to more than $2 billion in earnings, and from a very small, niche scientific and medical research market to the boundless clinical space. That means regular people. We all now live in a world where knowing our genetic makeup, down to the individual chromosomes, is not only possible, but affordable. It will be soon be the norm. The data will detect cancer and disease early enough to cure it. Even prevent it. So when it took weeks to nail down time with Flatley, we had to understand. He, and his team, are literally curing cancer…”

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