Veterati: For Veterans

Being mentored is one of the best ways to build your professional portfolio and begin your transition into the civilian workplace. Join thousands of other veterans, and military spouses, in setting up free, 1-hour mentorship phone calls with successful professionals.

Veterati’s mentorship platform encourages you to choose as many mentors as desired. The average member selects 4 mentors… others connect with 25+!

Simply Register with MVPvets and click the Veterati link in the community to begin connecting with CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, managers, and other professionals!

Veterati: For Mentors

If you want to give back in a meaningful way, mentoring a veteran is top of the list in terms of lasting value. Sharing your personal experience can help guide those making the transition to the civilian workplace and become a more polished applicant. And, Veterati’s state-of-the-art web platform makes it easy to connect. There are no fees, no application, and takes only seconds to get started. Their automated calendaring system makes it easy to schedule your availability, starting at 1-hour per month.

When your Mentor Registration and Profile with MVPvets have been completed, just click the Veterati link in the community to begin making a positive difference in someone’s life!  Veterati is a proud partner of MVPvets.