Source: | By Jim Absher

About 250,000 veterans affected by a new reduction in GI Bill Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) payments could receive extra cash for one school term, thanks to a “relief” program offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Student veterans who might qualify for the relief payout were sent an email notice Jan. 22 about the change.

“You are receiving this email because we have identified you as someone impacted by our recent implementation of changes to the Post-9/11 GI Bill Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA),” the email, provided to by the VA, said. “Some GI Bill students may realize a decrease in their MHA because of these changes, and VA is offering these impacted individuals the opportunity to apply for one-time relief to aid in their transition and financial planning to a lower MHA.

“When relief is granted in these circumstances, VA will pay the difference between the previous MHA payment, and the new MHA payment to individuals verified by VA to have been affected by the change for the first affected term.”

To be paid the different, qualifying students need to fill out a special waiver request, the email states.