Thanks for the suggestions...
Thanks for the suggestions on my own marketing plan and just your overall enthusiasm that ‘I will be discovered!’
We at MVPvets are so fortunate to have you helping us! (The MVPvets Team) has shown such creativity, market knowledge and coaching expertise – a rare gift – how lucky are we to have access to this wealth!

– Mike K.

Mentoring in the art of Networking...
The connections I have made are a reflection of MVP’s mentoring in the art of networking.

– Vince F.

I just completed...
I just completed the BioTech Immersion Program, hopefully an important step in my transition to the biotech industry. I was impressed with the scope of the program and learned a lot from it.

Thanks for your help arranging the scholarship and I would be very grateful if you could pass along my sincere thanks to the company that sponsored me.

– Doug C.

The value is clear...
The value is clear for those of our staff who have gone through the eLearning programs. The expansive cross-training nature of the learning architecture has us all speaking the same language and to the same business standard.

– David W.

...they need to grab ahold...
My job doesn’t stop when a candidate applies. There’s certainly an in-depth, very rigorous process, to make sure that we’re hiring bar-raising talent and continuing the growth of our company. Once they get inside the lifelines… they need to grab ahold of developmental tools such as the e-learning programs…”

– Phil D.

I've finished the course! What a wonder!!...
I’ve finished the course! What a wonder!! I loved every minute of it and learned so much. Please let me know if you need any “testimony” or want someone to recommend the program to others. Just tell me what you need and I will totally be your girl. Outside of my two graduate degree programs (Masters and Educational Specialist), it’s the best course I’ve ever taken, bar none!! Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. Any time you need someone to talk to others about why they should take this course, I would be more than happy to help you out!”

Warmest regards
– Mishele

...My sincere appreciation!
I would just like to send you a thank you note. I finished the BioTech Immersion Program. Since most the courses were a review for me due of my actual work in the Navy and because of my undergraduate and graduate degrees… I was able to zip right through it and complete the program.

I would like to let you know that I was recently hired by a Biotech company and will start working next month. There are many factors that led me to getting the job, but I know that mentioning on my resume that I completed the BioTech Immersion Program also contributed to me gaining employment with that company… again my sincere appreciation!”

– Abel S.

I cannot thank you enough...
I cannot thank you enough for the experience I had at the MVPvets event. I have attended a lot of workshops and events and hands down that was one of the best ones I have attended… … It was at the event that I really got the 1 on 1 help I needed.

– Brian H., USMC

I just want to THANK you...
Great news! I started Monday with Advantage Health Systems! I will be selling our Hospice Service to S SD Docs, DoD & the VA. Ideal for me. Lots of growth opportunity!…

I just want to THANK you for all of your support & encouragement over the past year+. It was tough. But this is good, and the Market won’t shrink, so I feel good about this.

– Mike K.


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