November 11 was the celebration of Veterans Day in the United States, with a federal holiday being observed yesterday, November 12. Veterans Day is a holiday designed to honor military veterans and service members. Those who served made huge sacrifices to ensure the safety of the country and its inhabitants. Given the immense sacrifice that veterans have made for this country, it may come as a surprise that many who leave the service find themselves unable to find and secure a job. Several barriers to veteran employment have been identified:

  • Many of the jobs that veterans may have held while serving, do not necessarily translate into civilian jobs. In addition, military acronyms may confuse recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Employers may have negative perceptions of those who served in the military and this could cause unconscious bias during the hiring process.
  • One huge barrier for individuals who are in the army reserves is that employers may worry about possible deployments. This could cause a lot of hesitation to hire when considering military professionals.

Research indicates that some of the most common reasons why veterans leave their first jobs out of the service include lack of support in advancement and career development, lack of meaning in the work they are doing, few professional opportunities, and an unfamiliar work culture. How can organizations overcome these barriers, create an environment that treats veterans in an equitable manner, and retains veteran employees?


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