VIDEO: MVPvets Abiomed Career Workshop, April 2019, Panel 2: Tools and Tips to Land a Job

In April 2019, transitioning veterans attended an MVPvets re-careering event at Abiomed* in Danvers, Massachusetts. The day included engaging with two different panels of professionals. This panel discusses “Tools and Tips for Your Next Steps to Career Success: Stories of Getting Hired.”

.00 Jayson Gilberti, CEO of MVPvets, and Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired), asks panelists (professionals employed at Abiomed) to introduce themselves and their roles within the company.

4:46 Jayson Gilberti asks guest panelists how they prepare to be on a hiring team.

5:11 Gregory Eichmann, Business Operations Leader, talks about the amount of time he takes in reviewing a candidate’s resume.

6:44 John Lefavour, Associate Director, New Product Introduction Engineering, emphasizes CTQ requirements (Critical to Quality) when reviewing a candidate’s resume and their LinkedIn profile.

7:37 Heater Pothier, Director of US Production, prepares for an interview by reviewing the job description to determine both the technical and soft skill sets that are being sought.

9:22 Allison Jean, Talent Acquisition Manager, discusses wanting to see a candidate put at ease to learn more about that person.

10:06 Abigail “Abby” Bartley, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, emphasizes understanding the “why” behind those skills asked for by the hiring manager.

11:42 Jayson Gilberti summarizes the concept of ensuring congruity between the resume and CTQ requirements (Critical to Quality).

12:48 Jayson Gilberti asks panelists to list their favorite questions to ask of candidates when wanting to learn about the value that person can bring to a company.

13:19 Abigail Bartley shares her suggested questions to help interviewers “connect the dots.”

14:30 Allison Jean shares her recommendations for researching the company as well as the people on the hiring team before walking into an interview.

15:41 Heather Pothier relates the importance of asking questions that highlight personal passion.

16:12 John Lefavour underscores the ability of candidates to tailor their “pitch” for each company.

17:02 Gregory Eichmann emphasizes the need to practice telling your “story” without sounding robotic.

18:30 John Lefavour comments on the need to be open and honest in order to create rapport.

19:28 Abigail Bartley discusses the importance of being both confident and authentic.

20:16 Jayson Gilberti recaps the themes from panelists including the need to “own the narrative” (with an aim toward value proposition) and the significance of focusing on readiness.

21:30 Jayson Gilberti asks panelists to share lessons learned through the mistakes candidates have made.

22:09 Gregory Eichmann shares an example of a candidate “wandering” in their interview responses.

24:05 John Lefavour relays the story of a candidate who rushed from one interview to get to another and the resulting impact.

25:00 Heather Pothier discusses the mistakes people make by not coming prepared to an interview.

26:16 Allison Jean shares the pitfalls of not being truthful during an interview.

27:20 Abigail Bartley shares an example of a candidate’s poorly structured email.

28:31 Jayson Gilberti recaps the value of practicing in advance of an interview with a mentor.

29:48 Jayson Gilberti asks panelists for examples of good questions asked by candidates during an interview.

30:35 Heather Pothier shares two questions from candidates that made her pause and think.

31:21 Abigail Bartley relays the kinds of questions that can alert the interviewer to your concerns for the team’s success.

31:51 Allison Jean shares one candidate’s question that should not have been asked during an interview.

32:58 Gregory Eichmann relays the question he most appreciates hearing from a candidate.

33:49 John Lefavour shares the rationale for the question “Why are you here” making it powerful.

34:19 Abigail Bartley highlights the importance of coming prepared with a variety of questions to ask a hiring panel.

34:48 to 46:12 Q&A. Veterans attending the re-careering event asks panelists to elaborate on tips and tools for getting hired.

*Abiomed is a pioneer and global leader in healthcare technology and innovation. From the world’s first total replacement heart to the world’s smallest heart pump, they are dedicated to finding ways to bring the most advanced and beneficial technology to patients and physicians. Abiomed is in Danvers, Massachusetts and is led by Mike Minogue, CEO and Chairman. Mr. Minogue is also the Chairman of MVPvets.