VIDEO: MVPvets Abiomed Career Workshop, April 2019, Panel 1: Personal Stories of Veteran Career Transition

In April 2019, transitioning veterans attended an MVPvets re-careering event at Abiomed* in Danvers, Massachusetts. Part of the day included engaging with a panel of professionals, themselves veterans, to hear personal stories of career transition.

0:00 Jayson Gilberti, CEO of MVPvets, and Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired), interviews veterans employed at Abiomed about their transition from the military into a civilian workplace.

1:28 Mike Tafone, Production Manager, talks about his career transition from the Army into the private sector.

2:35 Jim Ziegra, Air Force veteran and HCIR Credentialing Manager, shares his transition pathway.

3:28 Sue Davis, SAP Business Analyst, talks about her transition from cryptology in the Navy to her current role in Information Technology.

4:45 Alex Agnello, Principal Software Architect, recaps his career path after transitioning from the Air Force.

5:53 Jayson Gilberti asks panelists about their views on those skills they found most sought after when job hunting.

6:56 Alex Agnello discusses the importance of education and having plenty of grit to stay the course.

7:20 Sue Davis comments on the importance of “care and feeding” to build rapport with those around you.

7:40 Jim Ziegra says the most important skills are those that enable you to respect each other on a team.

8:25 Mike Tafone comments on the need to understand different business sectors as they come together to form the bigger picture of an organization.

9:13 Jayson Gilberti summarizes some of the skills listed by the panelists, including the “art of leadership.”

11:13 Jayson Gilberti asks panelists about the need to have a career plan when transitioning.

12:05 Mike Tafone shares actions he took to prepare for a career shift from the military to an organization’s operations emphasizing problem-solving skills.

13:46 Jim Ziegra says networking is critical as is “not settling for just any job.”

15:45 Sue Davis comments on becoming an expert in translating her military experience to fit with those job descriptions she was most interested in pursuing.

17:25 Alex Agnello discusses the need to be proactive by deliberating thinking and exploring what to do in life.

19:08 Jayson Gilberti recaps the themes from panelists and their intrinsic calling to give back and persevere.

20:18 Jayson Gilberti asks veteran panelists “If you could go back in time to tell yourself to do something to better prepare for the moment of career transition, what would it be?” Veterans respond with their views.

24:17 to 36:20 Q&A. Veterans attending the re-careering event ask panelists to share specific views on career transition.

*Abiomed is a pioneer and global leader in healthcare technology and innovation. From the world’s first total replacement heart to the world’s smallest heart pump, they are dedicated to finding ways to bring the most advanced and beneficial technology to patients and physicians. Abiomed is located in Danvers, Massachusetts and is led by Mike Minogue, CEO and Chairman. Mr. Minogue is is also the Chairman of MVPvets