MVPvets 2019: New & Enhanced Member Features Overview

It’s Your Year for a Great Career.

At MVPvets, 2019 is all about enabling veterans to land an amazing career in the health innovation / life sciences industry by leveraging one-on-one mentoring and state-of-the art career portal resources.  Read below to see the NEW / ENHANCED FEATURES you now have access to as a member.

One-on-One Mentoring

MVPvets has brought mentoring back in-house to link working professionals in health innovation / life sciences with veterans looking for careers that create products and services aimed at saving lives.

AUTOMATED MENTOR MATCHING. Our new system is designed to automatically match veterans with mentors based on career interests, advice needs and location.  Update your profile now to get the best of this feature.

FEATURED MENTORS. Throughout 2019, you’ll see newsletters featuring mentor stories where working professionals talk about their jobs, their transition and what they think it takes to be successful in today’s workplace.

FLASH MENTORING. For those who want to mentor, but have limited time, a flash mentoring approach is adopted. Mentors can literally spend just 20 minutes in a one-time conversation to talk about their job, company and personal career story via a simple web interview video captured for thousands to see via MVPvets’ partner, STEAMbeyond. Mentors can also provide their own 5-7 minute web video, covering the same topics, for upload to the website.

CERTIFICATION. Coming Q2 2019, MVPvets Mentoring Certification will be in full swing. This short, but thorough, online set of lessons provides a recommended approach when coaching veterans by adhering to a standardized best-practice guideline.

CAREER PORTAL: Assess. Explore. Learn. Employ.

MVPvets has partnered with STEAMbeyond in an exclusive relationship to provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to exploring careers in health innovation, life sciences and other STEAM related industries – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Digital) and Mathematics.

For those who aren’t sure which direction they want to take, or are unclear about the kinds of jobs available, STEAMbeyond is packed full of features, tools and resources that help bring clarity to your search. MVPvets members can:

ASSESS: Take short online assessments to see your preferred style when it comes to personal interaction, best workplace environment and STEAM industry focus area.

EXPLORE:  Navigate a menu of Career Labs (which are continually being added to) and discover traditional and emerging industries, hundreds of potential job descriptions (both technical and business in nature), and real company examples.

LEARN:  Select from 100+ online courses segmented in 5-7 minute lessons in key areas like Project Management, MedTech 101, Business Essentials, BioTech, Leaderology, Job Search and more. Bridge the knowledge gap. Earn certificates.

EMPLOY:  Watch video snippets of Mentors (working professionals) as they talk about their industry, company, job and how they ended up doing what they’re doing. There’s also a 21 Day Suggested Roadmap to download and,so much more!

More Personalized Job Matching

Did you know that we post an average of 1,300 jobs every month?  Based on your selected career interests, we then automatically match you to key jobs and send you an email alert.  And, did you know that many of these positions are business-oriented in nature? If you’re a veteran, login to MVPvets and update your profile now to be matched in the right career interest areas.

AUTOMATED JOB MATCHING. Our partnering companies are looking for top-talent to fill their technical, operational and business positions. For every career interest you check in your profile, the system will search to find a match and alert you in a personal email. You can click directly on that link to apply. If you don’t want to wait for email notifications, go directly to the Job Board and search by interest area, company or location.

ATTACH RESUME TO PROFILE. Partner company representatives are continually looking through the MVPvets directory for top talent. Get the word out about your great skills and exceptional experience by attaching your resume to your profile for company recruiters and hiring managers to see. If you need help refining your resume, there are numerous featured articles, STEAMbeyond courses, and direct mentoring advice, all of which are accessible to you as an MVPvets member.

Interactive Member Map

We have completely redesigned the MVPvets Member Map!  You now have the ability to select a member type to see the locations of Partner Headquarters, Partner Facilities, Veterans, Mentors and Jobs. Please note that this map is best viewed from a desktop / laptop computer to utilize the full interactive capabilities.

Linkedin Integration

For new members, our LinkedIn sign-in/registration process pulls content directly from your LinkedIn profile, making it easy to get going with your re-careering experience. For existing members, your current profile information, and any personal edits, will not be affected. You will, however, want to update your profile to complete newly added fields in order to get the most out of your online experience.

MVPvets is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit endeavor connecting life science companies with veteran talent ready to bring an exceptional work ethic, a broad bandwidth of skills and an extraordinary focus in achieving business goals.