What's New? Take a Look!

MVPvets has doubled-up on efforts to re-career veterans into the business and technology of health innovation. Below is a list of the NEW / ENHANCED FEATURES you have access to as a member.

Linkedin Integration

For new members, our Linkedin sign-in/registration process pulls content directly from your Linkedin profile, making it easy to get going with your re-careering experience. For existing members, your current profile information, and any personal edits, will not be affected, though you will want to update your career interests.

More Personalized Job Matching via Streamlined Career Interests

If you’re ready to be matched to immediate job opportunities, then you’ll want to update your profile and complete the new, streamlined career interests. Check one, a few, or all, to receive personalized alerts to jobs that just might be that perfect next-step in your career journey.

Did you know that MVPvets posts an average of 2,000 jobs every month? Our partnering companies are looking for top-talent to fill their technical, operational and business positions. For each career interest you check in your profile, you’ll receive a message directly to your personal email alerting you to a potential match. Click directly on that link to apply. If you are a Mentor / Company Representative member, you can post jobs directly to the Job Board.

You can now attach your resume to your profile for all MVPvets’ members to review, including company recruiters and hiring managers. Get the word out about your great skills and exceptional experience! If you need help refining your resume, there are numerous featured articles, LifeCollaborative courses, and direct mentoring advice, all of which are accessible to you as an MVPvets’ member.

New Partnerships with Veterati and STEAMbeyond Make MVPvets’ Mentoring a Force to be Reckoned With


MVPvets has partnered with Veterati, to leverage their national state-of-the-art mentoring platform, and wildly expand mentoring efforts. Veterans now have access to a large database of skilled professionals, and mentors can give back in two great ways!

If you’re a veteran, Veterati’s online-mentoring platform connects veterans with mentors at no cost. Learn from an extensive network of professionals via phone, email or over coffee.

If you’re a mentor, you can connect with our partner Veterati. Their national, state-of-the-art, online mentoring platform automatically links you with veterans eager to talk one-on-one with someone of your background and experience.

Veterati’s scheduling system allows the utmost in calendar flexibility. Set aside an hour or two a week (or month) to share your advice with veterans seeking their next career. Sign-in to MVPvets and look for the mentoring link in the updated community to go directly to Veterati and register as a mentor. There’s no cost, and no obligation.


MVPvets’ newest partner, STEAMbeyond, provides free, online mentor videos to veterans, and other transitioning individuals ready to explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Digital) or Mathematics-oriented industries for the express purpose of showcasing hundreds of potential jobs, whether technical or business in nature.

For those who want to mentor, but have limited time, consider a “flash mentoring” approach. Spend just 20 minutes in a one-time conversation to talk about your company, and your personal career story, in a simple web interview video captured for thousands to see with MVPvets’ partner, STEAMbeyond. You can also send us your own 5-7 minute web video, covering the same topics, for upload to the Mentor Insight library.

Career Exploration with STEAMbeyond

Find your future through this innovative web platform showcasing industry overviews, and mentor videos, aimed at exploring careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Digital) or Mathematics-oriented industries. View fast growing market segments, and the companies that represent them.

Take a short, and simple, assessment to get started in finding the kind of STEAM industry that might be right for you.

Check out industry overviews to get a better idea about the focused niche.

See examples of companies that fall within a certain industry sector. Go directly to their websites to learn what they do, how they operate, and what they value.

Reference an array of job description examples (both technical and business) that can be found within an industry sector that is interesting to you. Examples include salary ranges, education requirements, etc.

View short Mentor Insight videos to see what individuals do in their capacity as a working professional in a given industry, their personal trajectory, what they look for, and the advice hey have for you when it comes to a job search.

Identify college programs in-sync with your career interests.

Life Labs (coming soon): When it comes to making a successful transition, it’s not just academic schooling, but life school that’s required. STEAMbeyond’s Life Labs feature mentor videos on topics they typically don’t teach you in school.

If you would like to be a contributing mentor to STEAMbeyond, submit the Mentor Insight Video Inquiry form (via the Mentor Launch Portal) to learn more about being interviewed, or sending in your own 5-7 minute web video, talking about your company, your role and your career story.

PsychArmor’s Online Courses Equip Companies to Effectively Work with Veterans

MVPvets partners with PsychArmor Institute to bridge the civilian-military divide by ensuring everyone has the knowledge, tools and resources needed to engage effectively with the military and veteran community. 100’s of educational videos and resources are available, aimed at equipping employers to better serve veterans. As a company, you can now put some practical action to the words “Thank you for your service.”

PsychArmor is the only non-profit organization in the country exclusively dedicated to providing FREE educational courses to all who work with, live with, or care for members of the military community.

PsychArmor’s online library is available 24/7, providing education on a wide variety of military topics. Their courses are broken up into short, self-paced modules so they fit into today’s busy schedules, with people spending 15-20 minutes (on average) to take one of their courses, saving them hours of time in the long run.

All PsychArmor courses are developed by nationally recognized subject matter experts. Everything they offer is evidence-based and clinically informed. They also use animation, gamification, embedded videos, and simulations to make their course content immersive and engaging.

News Feeds from Trusted Sources

MVPvets pulls current news from respected sources to make staying in the know easier for members. We do the work for you by pulling timely articles related to job search, navigating in today’s workplace, STEM, veteran issues, and more to keep you informed and help you with career readiness.

Go to the MVPvets community page to see our library of great resources on news, blogs, PDFs and videos.

MVPvets is constantly on-the-move by hosting, or supporting, important networking and re-careering events around the nation.

These are just a few of the many resources available online, and otherwise, to all MVPvets members.   Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

MVPvets is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit endeavor connecting life science companies with veteran talent ready to bring an exceptional work ethic, a broad bandwidth of skills and an extraordinary focus in achieving business goals.