| April 22, 2020

Congress on Tuesday finalized a second GI Bill fix for student veterans whose studies were upended by the coronavirus pandemic, sending the package to the White House to be signed into law in coming days.


The measure follows legislation last month which guaranteed students would not see any disruption in their education benefit payouts because of universities’ sudden switch to online learning. Most colleges across the country have shifted to remote sessions in lieu of in-person classes in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

Under previous rules, however, students who receive online-only education were not eligible for certain housing stipends. The emergency package allowed Veterans Affairs leadership to waive that restriction in light of the current emergency, guaranteeing students would not see any financial disruptions.

However, that legislation did not cover income lost from other sources, such as shuttered work study programs connected to the GI Bill.

The latest measure — passed by the House earlier this month and by unanimous consent in the Senate Tuesday — would keep those work study payments active through the remainder of the semester, even if students cannot reach their place of employment.