Connecting Top Talent with Great Life Science Companies

If you’re a veteran, ready for a meaningful career, MVPvets can help you with that transition.

Take advantage of a wide array of services – from career exploration to automated job matching, mentoring, skill building, networking events, and more! There’s never any charge or obligation.

MVPvets believes in the fit between the talent a veteran offers and the meaningful careers found in life science organizations. Companies in the health innovation and STEM* space include biotech, medical device/technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, personalized medicine, bio-fuels and others. They all share a passion for onboarding people who possess a strong work ethic, can work under pressure and collaborate in diverse team settings.

A variety of careers abound, whether technical or business in nature, such as working in manufacturing, project management, information technology, regulatory, supply chain, research, data analytics, quality, sales, marketing, medical device technology, testing, human resources, and more.

*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


MVPvets partners with hundreds of life science companies who are continually looking to recruit high potential candidates. Thousands of jobs are posted each month. When you complete your MVPvets profile, you are automatically matched with jobs fitting your interest areas.

As a member, you receive personalized email alerts linking you to the job posting and logistics for applying.


Find your future with MVPvets’ partner, STEAMbeyond. This innovative web platform showcases mentor videos and industry overviews aimed at exploring careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (Digital) or Mathematics-oriented industries. View fast growing market segments, and the companies that represent them. Reference hundreds of job descriptions (including salary ranges) and identify collegiate programs in-sync with your career interests.


MVPvets partners with Veterati to provide members with a state-of-the-art, online mentoring platform automatically linking you with experienced professionals. Select one, or more, mentors with the expertise, and insight, needed to propel you to the next step. Whether related to career transition or specific to the topics of professional skill building, workplace interaction, networking tips, or landing a job offer, Veterati’s mentors bring valued perspective to the conversation.


Brush up on workplace skills and knowledge through MVPvets’ partner, LifeCollaborative. Their web platform offers (at no cost to you) more than 100 courses summarized in easy-to-review, bite-sized learning snippets. Become acquainted with topics in business, communication, project management, quality, leadership, science basics or through an introduction to medical device/technology. View Course Library.


Attend on-site re-careering events at companies looking to hire veterans. Meet corporate leaders and hiring managers to learn, first-hand, about the products and services they offer. Take advantage of the many networking events sponsored by MVPvets, or associated Veteran Service Organizations, to meet and greet with working professionals who represent a spectrum of business applications and opportunities.


  • Active duty service members exploring EAS
  • Post 9/11 veterans
  • Active duty spouses
  • Warrior caregivers
  • Gold Star families

Ready to Get Connected to a Mentor, Enroll in eLearning, or Search for Jobs?

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Ready to Get Connected to a Mentor,
Enroll in eLearning, or Search for Jobs?

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These downloadable PDF Transition Guides provide some high-level information about the MVPvets program and processes as well as useful tips for every veteran who is in the transition process.



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