Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MVPvets?

MVPvets is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit endeavor connecting MedTech, BioTech, Pharma and other Life Science and STEM oriented companies with veteran talent who are ready to bring an exceptional work ethic, a broad bandwidth of skills and an extraordinary focus in achieving business goals. STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


How does MVPvets help veterans?

MVPvets supports transitioning military and veterans who have been honorably discharged and are currently seeking to pursue one of the many professions in life sciences – whether technical, scientific or business in nature.  MVPvets is dedicated to helping those who have served find rewarding careers by providing personalized job matching, mentor matching, career guidance and industry-focused job skills. There is no charge to participate.

Don’t you have to have a science degree to work in medical technology or life sciences?

No. Tech and science companies need top talent to fill positions other than those directly related to science. These include jobs in manufacturing, project management, information technology, regulatory, supply chain, research, data analytics, quality, sales, marketing, operations, testing, human resources, and more. Companies share a passion for on-boarding people who possess a strong work ethic, can work under pressure and collaborate in diverse team settings.

What are examples of life sciences industries?

Companies in the life science, health innovation and STEM space include medical device/technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, digital health, healthcare, personalized medicine, telemedicine, genomics, and others. In all cases, the aim is to improve the quality of human life. A few examples include companies who create and manufacture medical devices or instruments (Medtech), companies who use biological processes, organisms, or systems to manufacture products (Biotech). Pharma companies research, develop, produce and market drugs and medicines.

How does STEM Fit with life sciences?

The key disciplines of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) are integrated into the skill set framework of all life science companies. Additional GI Bill benefits extend to those veterans seeking a STEM degree.

How do mentors engage with veterans?

Mentors help veterans as they make the transition from military service into life science careers by sharing their own transition stories, industry insights and/or professional advice. Through MVPvets matching engine, both mentor and veterans receive personal emails alerting them to a possible new match with contact instructions. If time to mentor in a traditional fashion is limited, mentors can also participate by being interviewed in a short Q&A format via a web video. These informal web videos encourage mentors to talk about their industry, job and personal career story.

What’s the benefit to a company when they partner with MVPvets?

Participating companies access a talent pool of veterans, many of whom are already highly skilled in areas such as project management, collaboration, working under pressure, impressive work ethic, and more. They also enjoy automated job postings, matching alerts, mentor training programs, newsletter features, re-careering events, access to courses for effectively engaging with veterans, meeting OFCCP compliance requirements, positive public relations and more.

Do veterans pay to participate in MVPvets?
There is no charge to veterans.
How is MVPvets financially supported?

MVPvets is supported through the contributions made by partnering companies and individual donations. As a 501(c)3 endeavor, all contributions are tax deductible.