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I’m a Veteran

If you are a veteran making the transition from the military into the civilian workplace, MVPvets can help you find a promising and exciting career within the rapidly growing and innovative life science industry sectors, and at no cost to you.

Work with career-mentors who are ready to lend you their insights and guidance, take advantage of online training and re-careering events at hiring companies, and receive automated alerts to tailored JOB MATCHES that might just lead to your next great career!

I’m a Mentor

Give back as a mentor, whether you’ve served in the military or not. There are men and women who have worn our country’s cloth in need of a listening ear and a guiding hand as they maneuver the ins and outs of landing a new career.

No money needed, just a little time to make a couple of calls, exchange emails or grab a cup of coffee. You can also take advantage of Online Training and attend Events. Plus, network with colleagues to expand your own circle of worthy acquaintances.

I’m a Company

There’s an untapped talent pool for life science companies looking to on-board professionals who can help them achieve audacious goals in chaotic times. MVPvets is a 501c3 not-for-profit endeavor that connects life science companies with ready-to-hire military veterans.

Partner with MVPvets to engage in talent recruitment while simultaneously meeting OFCCP Compliance requirements. Give back to those who have given so much in a practical and meaningful way.

MVP Member Map

View a Detailed Map Showing Veterans, Mentors and Companies in Your Area.